Saturday, March 26, 2005

my day of baptism

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After my baptism on 26th March 2005 ... taken with e mighty Band of Brothez .. durin their cell time! - Ken, Lance, Jonathan, Benjamin, Jun wei, Jedd and ME...

ken was experimenting with his new olympus camera! n i remember that i left my nasi lemak at the void deck aft taking the picture..

Hahaa... today was very interesting along with that my feelings were like so super mixed. But definately being obedient to God was the most joyful experience in my life.

Why should we be baptised? It has nothing to do with Jesus loving us less, if we havent get baptised. Dont mix all the principles up. Its like you want to eat chicken rice, and sounds like someone asking you- Huh, So you dont like duck rice? Whats e link, man? But then again consistent delaying in getting (apart from facing obstacles) baptised, is suspicious of the person's salvation.

1. We are Christ's Disciples (Matt 28:19)
2. Christ gave us an example (Matt 3:14-15)
3. Expression of our faith (James 2:17-18)
4. Public testimony of our salvation.

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Thats my Baptism Cert and something with my name 'Narasimman' -Joshua Teo bought for me!

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Matthew28:19 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy spirit,"

Blessing of being baptised. Btw you wont mystically become holy (Personal experience). Sinning or Not to sin is Your Personal Choice.

1. Heaven Opens Wide- Divine Recognition.
2. Holy spirit come upon my life- Divine Empowerment.
3. God's voice comes to the heart- Divine Revelation. - "You are my son!"

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What is Baptism? - Its a symbolic event in a christian's life. Its external expression of an inward change.

1. Sign of Initiation into Christ.
2. A command in the Great Commission (Matt 28:19).
3. Identification of ourselves with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection (Romans6: 4).
4. Willingness to be dead to our sins (Roman 6:11-14).
5. An initiation into the Body of Christ and submit to it (1cor12:13, Eph 4:3-5).

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Hmm this is right before dipping in man. On ur right, is Angus. Abit about him- He was my 1st ever cell leader. He is younger than me but sounded older than me (most of the time). Hahaa. An interestingly friendly guy and has special qualities that make him who he is. Now he is my G12 brother...

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Hahaa taking a quick snap, before going to the baptism pool! On ur right, with big fat smile (haha) is Joshua Teo, my G12 leader- Spiritual father. Dunno why we looking at different directions. On ur left is Tian yu, the artistic guy who designed my invitation card... In yellow at the back is Clarence Chan, a fellow buddy of mine- NDU (ahaha)/Amazing race khaki.

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And so here i am, getting ready to get baptised. Felt it was powerful. Even though its my personal choice of obedience to God's word, it was great to have friends supporting/ blessing me in what i was about to do.

Requisites to be Baptised.
I believe (Mark 16:16)
I'm Willing to live for the Lord (Romans 6:12,13)
I'm Willing to function as part of the body of Christ (1Cor 12:13)

It was just an invite Tian Yu did for me. He is just great and full of ideas. Although he worked on the idea i gave him, he did a great Job... Dont you think? Simple and yet insync with Good friday- Thats what i wanted. My baptism was rite in the smack of Good friday and Easter. Felt it was significant for me. For i know, He died for me and He resurrected for me.

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Before my baptism, Jedd took a photo for ken and me!

This guy is Kenneth. Great inspiration and model after christ. As he runs after God's heart, there's so many things i learn from him. Lovely character to be with. Thank God for blessing so many people like him in my life. And i Thank God for him.

My parents were late for my baptism (was Scared they wont make it in time to see me). Thats a typical indian thing- to come late (haaha)! So i called ken (1st person who came to my mind), and he told me not to worry. So many things were going thru my mind!!! He went to the bus-stop to bring them over. BUT They made it! At that time during worship, "And i'll walk with you in my heart, and i'll walk with you in my heart- find me at the cross down on my kness- I thank you Lord for saving me! Hallelujah x4~ ". That really 'hit' it! It was one of those songs God used to touch my heart with always.. When it was sung, God's faithfulness, forgiveness, face revealed itself once again. And i'll trust in Him.

Today Teck horng blessed me with a book Titled "Holiness". Will read it someday!


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