Monday, May 15, 2006

12 on 12th May

It all started with a question of how to connect the church with the 12 friends we are going to bring on 25th June 06. Certain questions like of how to change the misconceptions that church people are boring were in my mind? My guys were facing troubles of bringing the people to church. I pondered over it. And then it occured to me: Why cant we bring the church (thats us) over to our 12 friends? Which gave birth to this idea.

Activities we planned: Kayaking in the morning, Bowling and pool by afternoon and an overnight fishing/camping.

It was rather fun. We kayaked for an hour. We played catching and just some leisure kayaking. We were relaxing at the beach. We were playing, throwing sandballs and splashing water around. It was when one of my BB Boy's (Dennis) specs fall into the sea. We were doing a seek and rescue! I was definately praying with much hope (So was one of my guys). I told God 'It has to be found in quickest possible time!' Soon enough a small boy shouted to his brother, "Look what i found, a specs!!!" I was overjoyed at the first look of the specs... Thank God! I thanked him for finding it and we went back to keep the canoes.

Somehow i was asking God if doing all these were worthwhile? The time and the money is it all worth it? When i overheard someone saying ' You sow sparingly, you reap sparingly!' Somehow i felt thats the word the Lord had for me.

I had small conversation with Kong Ming's friends at marine parade's KFC. But at the pool, we had to separated as my two BB Boys were too young. So i went to bowl with my BB boys (Clive and Dennis) and shortly joined by aaron and his friend, daryl. It was super funny, making clowns out of ourselves and having a real good time. At the pool side, Kong ming and Asaph connected with the Charles and Yao Qi (Kong Ming's friends) at some level. The heartbeat of this meeting is to make connections.

Unfortunately the overnight fishing got canceled at the last minute, due to some technical trouble. At that time, i wanted to cancel the overnight camping and go home. But they didnt want to. Then God reminded me 'You sow sparingly, you reap sparingly!'. There came Jed to save the day- He brought Risk and Returns! Thank God. Phew! By that time (1145pm), my third BB Boy Lewis had made a point to join us, even after returning from a trip to malaysia with his parents.

At 10 plus, my two Boys and i had already set up the tent waiting for Jed and Lewis to arrive. Later, we thought we can move the tents further near Macs. So Lazyly we carried the tent all the way there. Haha.. At where, we decided to pack it up and play Risk. We played for 7hour plus.. Risk is a strategic and prophectic game indeed. A little bit about the game: Risk is a turn-based game for two to six players. It is played on a board depicting a stylized political map of the Earth, divided into 42 territories, which are grouped into six continents.The strategy of Risk is to have the largest number of armies in the place where they will do the most good. One of the easiest ways to gain armies is to hold continents. 12units in a territory/country is the max. But this 12 must increase to build more 12s in other countries so as to Conquer a continent. Haaha you should play it!

We wraped up in the morning. All in all, i would say 12on 12 May was a sucess. For we definately made connections with all those who came. I learnt to treasure whatever time you get with a person, as it may never come again. If i was to say that this meeting was important but reluctant to spend money on those who came, then really is this meeting important to me? I must sow in tears. Those who sow sparing, will reap sparing. Whether or not its painful to sow, it must done. Its a question of 'if I'm willing'?

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.- Luke 12:34. Time and money are treasures. Definately these treasures are invovled in the sowing process. Time and money can be spent! Simple indicator to know what we treasure- What we usually spend our time or money on? Computer games? Sports? Reading? Shopping? Hanging out with frns? GF/BF? Gym? Handphones? Game catriage? PSB? Clothes? Ear studs? Cars? Definately you wont do/buy it unless your heart is set on it. If you invest your money(treasure) on a new game/hp/investment or whatever, you will spend the time exploring and getting the best out of it.
You spend time with someone, you are spending that part of your life with that person. Time will pass, Money will go up and down. Yet opportunities comes like thief. Be watching! Pounce and sieze it. There may not be a second chance. Yonder!

So what do you really deem as treasure in your life? And is it in line with God will for you? A simple question that requires a deep reflection.