Monday, July 03, 2006

My Miracle, His Catch

We had Combat Skirmish (laser tag) in the morning of 25th June 06. A total of 24 guys had great fun. It totally rocked. It truely brought the 'boy' out of us. It was an environment where we bonded, connected and had great fun. The pictures will testify that.

Indeed, this event was a net for the 'Great fishes'. After playing, we brought them to the Miracle Catch Sunday! Definately a good catch- I believe whatever the Lord blessed us with, its Good. I rejoice for I know it brings delight to God! I heard the oceans roar and the singers ROAR... I saw God moving. I felt the darkness tremble when all the saints came together for the miracle catch, then all the streams flowed as one river to wash away the brokeness of many! The Boys, I was consolidating came to church and also one of my guy's friend (Marcus) received Christ.
Prayer alone will not save the world. Preach the Gospel.
- Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke
The heart of it is really talking about also doing something about it. Prayer is our first recourse but it must be accompanied by faith actions. And surely God will BACK us.

I sowed in prayer and materialised the processes to accompany my prayers. From all the 3 events i've held; (1) Overnight Outing, (2) X-men Movie Catch and lastly, (3) Combat Skirmish; i'm blessed with TEN guys to consolidate. I SHOUT Hallelujah..! I Thank God with all my heart. Apart from Him, I'm nothing! I make my boast in Christ alone!
My heart echos what Pastor said. I feel MCS is just the begining of a new season. Lord, let Streets resound with singing, that We will bring Songs that bring your hope. We will bring Songs that bring your joy and We will dancers who dance upon injustice.
To God be the Glory!

Joshua's Subtribe
Special Thanks : Amos, Yufan, Daniel Lee, Samuel Lee (My photographer), and the rest who came.