Sunday, November 13, 2005

Lion for God.

During my BMT phase of life and One sunday morning In the MRT, going to SOL1.. When I sense God saying:

"A Lion is indeed a roaring creature. Full of majesty, power and poise. I am calling you a lion for me not for the world. And it is you is gentle. Remember your place in me. And with the spirit of the lion you can/will fight for me. You are victorious in the Lord Jesus Christ. You now have started this journey of roaring for me mightly now!" - How to roar? "Roar with intergrity, whole-heartedness, word, honorability, strength, power" An Ang Mo came in wearing a black shirt with a tiger and its cub- for 1 station. And i sense God saying, "You are indeed a cub, but i shall help you grow".

But as people in church prayed for me (190904), they prayed for 'confidence and courage, God is with you'. 2nd time- 'God is with you and Have confidence'. Then (260904) someone prayed for me 'Spring of water that will come forth from me with the Power of Holy Spirit'.

This "Lion for God" was a name God called me by. This restored my heart tremendous! And built my spirit and confidence..

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