Tuesday, January 03, 2006


This day set apart to celebrate God's birthday. Jesus is born.

When i say Its Christmas- What comes to your mind?

Holiday.Parties.Beer.Enjoy.Play.Yeah.Clubbing.Hang out.Gatherings.Love.Gifts.Old friends.Girls.Nothing much.Santa.More Gifts.Festive.People.Fun.Feast.Turkey.Christians. Carolling.Orchard crowded.Countdown.Alcohol.Jingle bells.More friends.Cakes.Time with family.No duty please.Forgiveness.Elves.Magical.Boring.Look Good.Christmas Mood. Happy.Cards.Christmas Songs.Christmas Tree.3 wise man.Something about Jesus. Celebration.Late nights.Happening.Charitable.Fatty Food.Movies.Chill out.Zouk out.I'm out!

Joke: What did Adam tell Eve the day before Christmas?
Its CHRISTMAS, Eve! (There was No christmas back at their time!)

What then is Christmas? What is the significance?

Christ is born!