Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Who's Incharge? Who's Totally Incontrol?

I was just thinking of submitting to Leaders in the light of Knowing the Father is totally incharge. Sometimes do i absolutely know The Father is in control even as a submit to Leaders? When i was speaking with Amos, he was sharing with me his reflections. Reflections on Life is unfair but God is good. On itself "Life is unfair" and "God is good" noone would dispute these statements. But its when Life is unfair how many people would be able to say God is good?

Same here its when i submit to the most difficult orders by Leaders, can i say God is incontrol, totally incharge? Defination of most difficult is one which puts me in a difficult position, makes me uncomfortable, creates pain, unable to obey even.

But Looking at John19:10-11. I know the context is slighly different. But if I'm able to say ' You have no power over me except what is given to you from above'. Really not in a haughty way. As for me, i somethimes feel that they are using their power or even rank to play me down. But if that was allowed, its not because they had power over me. But it is what was given to them from above. The Father is incontrol, totally incharge! So as only Father commands, i obey. Thus submitting to authorities have whole lot different meaning to me now.

For i know God is the builder and nothing can come in His way of work. And nothing to be frustrated about, for its not by my vain work or watchfulness but His might and wakefulness. Easier said than done?! Really whose doing the work??