Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lets Celebrate- The Gathering

The context of Hebrews: The writer was writing to the Jews. The jews had their own way of doing things like animal sacrifices, tabernacle worship and so on. He is writing to them to have change of mindset, that following Jesus is better the Way. In chapter 10, he's reminding them about the Sacrifice and that Issue is already settled no need revert back to old ways!

Hebrew 10:19-25- Dont waver. It talks about the Certainity of our Faith.

People have a habit not to meet. They dont like gatherings. And therefore chances are they will give up the race. The writer's Concern for our Journey is expressed.

The Call to gather- Its a biblical calling to keep on meeting. For it is for own good. There's a spiritual dimension for the whole Gathering.

Why when we gather in His Name, something Extrodinary Possibilites happen? It because of the Unique purpose.

In His Name- The Gathering

There is Extraordinary Presence. (Matt 18:20)
There are many verses that say 'I am with you'. Not meaning that He's not there but when we gather it brings about the Extrodinary presence of God. There's something unique about Personal Grace and Coporate Grace grace. Coporate grace really talks about grace which is only there when two or more gathers. As we gather, we can expect an Extraordinary Presence of God.

There is Extraordianary Empowerment. (
1Cor 14:23)
When we gather, God's gifts are released among us. In a book, Assemble together- By Watchmen Nee in 1945. He talks about the different type of gatherings/ meeting. A few examples: Gospel meeting, Breaking of the bread meeting, Prayer meeting. What should you to do in Gospel meetings? He goes on saying that for a gospel meeting to always bring friend/s. To correct and not to critizie. To sit beside your friend. Two friends: Sit inbetween them. More than 3 friends, get a brother or two or help. Ideal will be One christian next to one unbeliever friend. Explain terminology, to suplement what the sermon lacks. Observe the friend's reaction during the meeting and pray. Help the friend to accept the Lord if you see no response. Visit the person with another christian friend, once or twice untill the soul is saved.
Matt 18:19- Really it says that Some Prayers will answered only when two or more agree!

There's Extraordinary Grace. Psalms 133
As you come together- United - His annointing will flow.
From a parents perspective. God is pleased when He saw His sons living in unity. His grace flows. Grace- ITS Undeserve.
In vrse 32: This is a profound mystery—but I am talking about Christ and the church. What is this profound mystery?? In Eph5:15-32: Passage is talking about Husband and wife. Gathering is like that of a husband and wife. Christ is the husband and the Church is the wife. As we gather not just as a Father looks at His children but also as a husband looks at his wife. The word "Church" in the passage can be replaced by Assembly/meeting. Its the same pure love as the husband loves his wife. And thats why there's an Extraordinary Grace. For our gathering gives God tremendous pleasure. Therefore as we gather, we MUST seek God's delight. Our gathering it contributes to the pleasure of God.

By: Pastor Eguene