Sunday, February 05, 2006

Celebrating the Lord With A New Beginning

A Policeman caught a driver for not stopping at a junction. The driver told the policeman that for 20years he had not stopped at this junction. But the policeman fined him and adviced him. The next day ironically there was an accident at the very junction. And policeman went to the scene, he investigated. And that driver said "for 20years i've been following this man but today he stopped at this junction. He doesnt stop at this junction".

The question is Are WE going with flow of things, are we doing things over and over again?
New Begining. Everybody needs a New Begining. After all our God is God of new beginings. After Moses died- Joshua was given new assignment, new begining. Elijah was burn out and wanted to die but God provided food and a new begining. Peter denied the Lord 3times and went to fishing. He caught nothing. But Jesus came and restored him, giving him a new begining.

How to receive a New Begining for yourself/ourselves?
1. Forget the Past- Let it Go. Isaiah 43:18
We cant live under the weight of the influence of our past. We can not live with the burdens of the past. Our Thinking, attitudes can and are shaped by the past. And Forgetting the past means putting the past behind.

Dont dwell in the past.
A pastor named Eunice, had a son. And this son of hers died in a freak accident. She cried and cried over this lost. But oneday the Holy spirit spoke to her "Let it go!" Yes, she did. After that she just started writing new songs after songs.

2. Faith to perceive- It is now. Vrse 19.
We need a sensitive heart. NEW. What is NEW? God says 'I will do a new thing'. Not to repeat. New is something New and not something over and over again. And the word new in greek is 'Kairos Neo'. Meaning: Qualitatively different. For now we have 2Cor 5:17- Eternal life. Experience the Power of God. It maybe like 5steps forward and 1step back. Getting close to God (5steps) and fall in sin or mistakes in life (taking steps back) But it doesnt mean nothing has happened in your life. God in that has a lesson. He is building deeper and deeper in you.

Two meaning for the word: Time- Chronos and Kairos. Chronos is the chronological order of time. Wherelese Kairos is the NOW time of God. Therefore We cant miss the Now time of God.

3. Fight for the prize- Get it Done! Rev21:6-7
Having a new begining- Its not only the start but God who began a good work in us will bring it to completion. But you must be an overcomer. Overcomer! God's instruction is to overcome.
In Rev2-3. Looking at the Letters to Asia and other churches (Reve2:7, 2:11,2:17, 2:26, 3:5, 3:11-12, 3:21) 7Letters to the 7 churches. OVERCOME. Is the emphasize! God gives us a new start but How to continue it. The only way is to overcome. David in Psalms51:10,13- After repenting his sin before the Lord, David said: I'll teach. He was still in the fight for the prize. God restored him and King David fulfiled the purpose of God in his life.

Story: A pastor gather some people to pray for rain. As the pastor came, he didnt sense the prayerful atmosphere. But more to socialize. But at a coner, he saw a girl with a red umbrella. In her, he saw an expectancy. God spoke to him: 'Son, they came to pray but she came expecting an answer- Therefore It will be done!'