Tuesday, February 14, 2006

God's my Valentine.

Sanctification week. 1st Day. 14th Feb 06. Gathering, the bride of christ.

Its interesting in Lev19:2- Even before the commandments, 1st thing God said: Be holy for I am holy. Even before the all the laws, that set of laws the govern holiness. "Be holy!" Its like trying to be God, himself. Holy? Holy is the Godness of God. The very essence of His Godness is Holiness. We cannot be Holy in ourselves but only in relation with God. Thats why its 'BE' and not become... In Eph5:25-27, it says Present this Bride- Holy and blameless. It is indeed a profound mystery.

Personal and Corporate Holiness. Corporate holiness has very much to also do with individual holiness.
But WHAT does it mean the church His Bride?
1. How are we prepared for His coming. (Matt25:1-13, Rev19:7) Alert, ready, watchful, complete, prepared, corporate attitude and culture.
2.How are we passionate for His love. (Songs of song, Eph 5) Eager, excited, anticipating, longing.
3. How are we pure before His eyes? (Gen2:25, Eph5:25-27) Transparent, naked, no shame, inner beauty, consecrated, holy.
4. Are we pleased to do His will? (Eph 5:22, 1Peter 3:1-6) Submission, willing and obedient, wanting to please, make happy.

His Bride has made herself READY. Rev 19:6-8.
Set ourselves apart to make ourselves ready: Whereby the groom will be excited about...

Is there such a thing as 99.9%HOLY? When dealing with holiness- Its either clean or unclean. No halfway one. Wah thinking about it, its impossible. In a sense, on our own strenght. But in Heb10:10, made us holy through the sacrifice of Jesus.
Unless its done under the cover of the cross- Dont try to be holy, -Revelation of the cross. Prayer Jesus prayed to the Father before being sent to the cross- (John17:13, Phil3:10-11)
Experiencing the cross, its not just about experiencing. A journery to understand, appreciate the cross. Its not a measure of our spirituality. The important thing is Is our lives Changed?
We were reminded to Take up the cross daily. (Gal 2:20)

We will not understand the immensity of the Grace until we understand the severity of sin in our lives.-Ps Khong.

My thoughts
You cant be holier. Its only Holy or not.

Encountering Jesus/ The Cross will cause a Life changing Experience.