Friday, February 17, 2006

You are ONE Kind.

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Looking at the picture: What does it mean to be different? What is 'Corporate Blindness'? Whereby people give generously, in hope of returns! Whereby people dont give, having excuses of guarding their cash from embelzzlers. Sometimes, we are like the black ducks. Walking past the yellow duck.. What if the yellow duck, represents someone who is need. But how many times do we see the people in need, with needs around us? Are our EYES open? What Does our HANDS want to serve? Are we too high and mighty that we dont see those low and in poverty?
They are there just like the YELLOW duck. Simply there, Obviously yonder. LOOK and are we willing to go that extra mile for that someone? A someone whoes eyes fill up with expectancy upon seeing you? Can we do something if we cant do everything possible? Can we? Do we choose to_____?
Btw the ducks were not harmed in the process of making. Neither does the author hates ducks, in actually fact he finds them cute...