Wednesday, March 01, 2006

No taxi but a Big Red Tractor!

Not a taxi but a Big Red tractor Stopped. It was rather a bad day at work. And was made to stay back. Yes, by that time i missed all the shutter services that brings me out of camp. Time was passing and was being bombarded by my Sgts. After all that, i was very late for the leaders meeting. I was so mentally drained. Truely speaking i was thinking Life is unfair, God is GOOD. As i was leaving the camp, I prayed for taxi. When a taxi appeared, my heart was filled with delight but it didnt last for long. Someone infront (my blindspot) stopped and took it. My heart sank. But i continued to pray. I started to walk. I was walking and reflecting on what my Sgt said and also finding for a taxi. Time was running. I was getting late.

I msged Joshua Teo- informing him i don't have much cash and should i even come as its taking so long! By that time, i was feeling even under. But i prayed, i'll submit Lord and i need a taxi. yES, taxis passed me but none stopped. That made things worst, but i still prayed. Then at 8.45pm, at the traffic light a big red tractor stopped. I thought what he is doing, so i looked up. There he was signalling me to come in. Huh? Me? Come In? Sure or not? Got to be kidding me? But anyway i got in fast, as there traffic lights go green. I was in the big red tractor. The malay uncle asked where i was heading to and explained that taxis will not stop there. We talked little. One of the few questions he asked "Do you smoke?" Well i replied "No" and he said "Thats good!". After sometime he said he will drive me to Boon lay Mrt. I was overjoyed. It is because i can draw money and take taxi to rush down. Thanked God. Later what he told me came as a pleasant surprise: "I am goona pick my friend up and then i shall drive you to Bukit Merah." I was touched and immediaely Thanked him. Thats how i ended up at bukit merah without paying a single cent.

And still God provided a way through it all. Truely i THANK GOD. For He showed me, He is a God who gives over and abundant. More than that He is a God whose ALIVE, who answers our calls. Great is His Name.